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Wee Man

Give me ideas

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I need some ideas for some reputation level ranks (From the likes you get on posts) and some new reaction images/ideas, we're currently just rocking the default stuff and I don't like it.

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2 minutes ago, Pietru said:

What are the default titles like? Thinking on suggestion rn


Neutral, good, thats about it. It also had some negative rep ones like bad, awful etc but we're not planning to use negative rep due to how it was abused and complained about on zybez.

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Members can react with the typical "like"

0-35 likes = "Beginner" 

36-60 = Loyal

60-150 = Loved

150-300 = Respected

300-750 = worshipped 

1k+ = God

Also have it set so officials/Admin have a reaction that others can't see and if they chose to use that "like" reaction it boosts them. Similar to the RSC reputation/Mod system. Once that person gets 20+ or so they earn a Title on forums or somewhat. 


@Wee Man


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Status updates either on by default or completely disabled on the website

Reputation either completely disabled or made more prominent, above signatures.  It shouldnt be effort to find or like someone's post.

Disable signatures, dead content should be left in the 2000s, everyone either has cringe awards or some sort of advertisement in their signature.

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