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  1. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Wilderness Pure Clan We heard Supremacy and Damage Control were about to fight at bandits. We quickly massed up 25 Zenith Members and went to make the fight a cluster. We came from the east and started smoking through Damage Control who was directly west of us when we logged in. We quickly started barraging and smoking through them. We cleared them up and started turning on Supremacy who was south of us. Both clans offed eachother and turned their attention on us. We took turns fighting both clans and Terror crashed. When Terror crashed we quickly re
  2. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Wilderness Pure Clan We massed up 10 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at 15 Zenith Members and pked all over the wilderness. We cleared Onslaught at the wildy slayer caves. Playdead at GDZ for several minutes before Sovereign crashed and made bank loot. Edited yesterday at 07:03 PM by Elve
  3. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Wilderness Pure Clan We had 10 PKing when we teleported to GDZ and we ran into 1 Supremacy member, Well that one Supremacy turned into 15 Supremacy. We quickly mass HL'd TS and Discord and eventually we gained to 25 Zenith Members. Supremacy held the start of the fight due to having more numbers and using a couple mains. We kept on returning and eventually we smoked through Supremacy and turned the tides. With amazing returning and calling for the remaining 20 minutes we farmed through Supremacy until they stopped returning and decided to one it
  4. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Wilderness Pure Clan 1 Hour after battling Apex in a 45 minute P2P Pkri we were contacted by terror asking for a P2P Pkri. We gladly accepted and massed up 15 Zenith Members to battle them even opts. We rushed terror at chaos altar and instantly took control of the fight. We pushed them all around and eventually cleared them up and they rerushed from corp. We started fighting again until we heard Legashit was coming to crash. We quickly positioned around corp caves and let terror run south. We caught all of legacy in a massive gwas, We laughed at th
  5. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Wilderness Pure Clan Hormone setup a sick ass P2P PKRI against Apex, We massed up 30 Zenith Members and went to sperm and defended. Apex rushed and the fight started, We had amazing returning and calling throughout the 45 Minutes. The fight moved on from sperm to 26 hill and back to chaos altar. Both clans took the lead throughout the fight and both clans did extremely well. Clean as fuck action. Absolutely zero sight of #Anti-Zenith. Nice intel. @MKD adePt
  6. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan We heard through the grapevine Fatality was attempting to PK at revenants in our wilderness. Big no no. We quickly massed up 20 Zenith punishers to punish Fatality. We hopped into their worlds x5 and quickly murdered through everyone. We laughed at them, Flamed them, and repeatedly punished them. Stay the fuck out of my wilderness. @Elve POV https://zenith-rs.com/community/uploads/monthly_2020_10/image.png.23eda26333c51e785d7829db62d1b64f.png https://zenith-rs.com/
  7. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan We massed up 10 Zenith Shooters and went to make absolute bank loot. We ended up clearing out the wilderness and made absolute stanky bank. Thanks to everyone who showed up, Post pics. https://zenith-rs.com/community/uploads/monthly_2020_10/image.png.e7b3a375d4646c9c677dcd566f62643c.png https://zenith-rs.com/community/uploads/monthly_2020_10/image.png.eb654b1e0ea57c598e5b63156e4d4a36.png https://zenith-rs.com/community/uploads/monthly_2020_10/image.png.a3b27bd7f64
  8. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan We massed up 10 Zenith Shooters and eventually peaked at 35 Mountain Men. We ended Fatality's Rev Trip and forced them into hiding. While Fatality hid and eventually ended their PKing trip with Jamz unable to mass for Zenith. We cleared up DC & Hydra for the next hour repeatedly. Thanks to everyone who showed up with 1 CODE RED. STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY WILDERNESS @FATALITY. https://zenith-rs.com/community/uploads/monthly_2020_10/image.png.5bf200599bed7c1d9d88077a43fff858.png
  9. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Wilderness Pure Clan. Once again we proved regardless of the situation we will always come out on top, We bitch slapped Fatality forcing them to tap out of F2P in 20 minutes and have the worst trip action wise of 2020. Meanwhile Mother Zenith had one of the more satisfying trips completely smoking through anyone who stood before us. Sunday came around and we quickly massed up 80 Zenith Warriors, We eventually peaked at 90 Zenith Mountain men to destroy the pure community. We defended GDZ and waite
  10. https://zenith-rs.com/community/ On this late Saturday night, we massed up 22 Zenith Shooters after finding Rage & Fatality out in our rev caves. We ended up full clearing 15 Fatality idiots by NE Corridor resulting in them ending soon after. The next fight was against Rage, near matched opts and turned into a quick return fight but we took the victory in the end. GF Rage.
  11. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan We massed up 30 Zenith Mountainmen and went to have a fun fight against Apex in a F2P PVP World. We defended and Apex rushed we fought for some minutes before Rage crashed, Once Rage crashed numerous clans joined in Ancient Fury & Reign Of Terror. Rage quickly degeared and decaped and Fatality & Legacy joined in. We started transitioning through Fatality while both clans teamed on us. Onslaught joined into help Fatality and we continued pushing through. Despite being down nearly 60 Opts and fighting 3 Clans. We continued to push th
  12. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan We massed up 10 Zenith Shooters and eventually peaked at 25 Mountain Men. We ended up having a Return Fight Matched Opts vs Venom which we lost 1 person. We cleared up Tormented & Damage Control kids from the wilderness and cleansed the wilderness of Vennies. Thanks to everyone who showed up, Post your pictures. @Elve POV https://zenith-rs.com/community/uploads/monthly_2020_10/image.png.4a83ce65844de4f185b89c9a12f33cc8.png https://zenith-rs.com/communi
  13. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan We decided to do some more PKing, We massed up 10 Zenith Shooters and went deep wilderness. We cleared up some shitters and than we went to revs and made bank loot. https://zenith-rs.com/community/uploads/monthly_2020_10/image.png.baabb9796ceb1cecc5152a715cf5afbb.pnghttps://zenith-rs.com/community/uploads/monthly_2020_10/image.png.beccb33d74a657e929e3dd18f6fd7022.png https://zenith-rs.com/community/uploads/monthly_2020_10/image.png.1b848166969cd512de1f4c1
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