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  1. Our friends over in Australia wanted to make a return to the F2P scene and decided to ask us if we were willing to accept a fight with them and we happily did. Quicky massed 45 tempest at 10 PM EST (non mand) and proceeded with the fight. Every round started off really close with both clans going kill for kill but after a couple of god tanks from our members we quickly gained a lead and never let them come back. Thanks for the battle CL, hope to see you again! Round 1: Round 2: Round 3:
  2. Tempest vs Bandits+Revolt Every week, the Tempest storm surges and grows in strength. Today we rolled up against two CWA teams, pulling well over 40 men causing us to drop and to match their pull. We geared up to have some nice three round 35v35 battles. LOSS 23-25 Round 1 showed that we had some rust to shake off. Nevertheless we were able to keep their margin of victory within 2 points. We knew what we needed to do to adapt our strategy to win and we sought to do exactly that. WIN 25-21 Round 2 David & T
  3. Thanks for the clean battle unk!
  4. Latest news of F2P wilderness was action between two clans by the name of Tempest and Wilderland. Fight clashed near bandit camp with our girl Black Heather and our spams and transitions were off the roof right away. With some beautiful tanks from our members, it was easy to find transitions after transitions. Overall the fight was a clean and fun battle, thanks for the battle Wilderland!
  5. Welcome back TS! Haven't seen you guys in a while glad to see this topic
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