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  1. lost first 3 rounds and won the last round which was first to 100
  2. Round 1. 20-25ish? We did pretty well, I died 4-5 times and did not tank once. Round 2. We did much better and I only died once. i think we lost 25-23ish? I even tried leading....Was stressful.
  3. My apologies since this isn't clan discussion so ill tie something in. I am going to plan to use this forum a bit more, ill be on now and then however Since I am trying to make a comeback, do you see any future clans make a comeback? Sorry this isn't in a video but i think EH or Corr should come back.
  4. Just an introduction video about OSClans. I personally would love to see collaboration fights. I forgot to mention that having Self-Tournies, like the CJ Tournies. I wish this site the best of luck.
  5. Wack Sparrow - 126 combat Hello, My name is Paul and I like to play runescape now and then. I also enjoy making videos as well. Ive been in too many clans and I am mediocre scaper overall. Kind Regards, Bommerdabomb
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