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  1. Should have just deleted the caves entirely instead of this wonky "rework". Need clans back in the wilderness instead of stupid ass rev caves.
  2. It wouldn't help. Box fights became a thing far before snare came to F2P. From 2016:
  3. I don't think you can really avoid box fighting once you get to certain opts. You can't just program a caller to be less efficient at calling on the spot. With high KO power, it's in every (decent) caller's instinct to drop a pile if it's not dying fast enough/and or drags off. I believe snare being in F2P adds to that problem even more. A clump will naturally form due to this and eventually a box once the outside dots are dead/and or moved.
  4. Doxing is ok as long as it's in retaliation? Or you could rise above the cringe behavior from people on this game and not act like a fucking loser. RoT & SV dox my members regularly (and I mean regularly), yet we have not retaliated once. And if one of our members chose to, they'd be kicked from the clan immediately. You're infamous in the pure scene for doxing. Unsure why you would pretend otherwise.
  5. Our F2P fight was decent because of the opts. But once you get into the mid 40s and higher, box fights become inevitable. At that point you might as well go to P2P and do single spells since it's at least a bit more competitive due to better gear, p necks, and spears. F2P box fighting is just right click the clump and left click attack. Not enjoyable in the slightest imo. So a "jolt" to the F2P scene would in turn make it less fun.
  6. Aren't you the guy who runs that weird pure discord and doxes everyone?
  7. Tampa Bay Bucs (NFL) Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL) Tampa Bay Rays (MLB) Miami Heat (NBA) Florida State Seminoles (NCAA Football & Basketball) Don't really have favorite players. I just stick with my local teams.
  8. The Devil All The Time. New Netflix movie. Was pretty decent. Bit slow and back and forth with the story sometimes, but was definitely worth the watch. Probably something I would've even seen in the theater tbh.
  9. Will some of the increased activity from Covid have died down? Definitely. I'd go as far to say that it has already died down. Current activity and even clan pulls are far lower than it was back in April-June. Will there be more clans open or fewer clans open? There'll probably be around the same amount of clans, +/- 2 or 3. I don't predict any drastic difference. Although we'll probably see a new Bles clan under a new alias. Maybe Shadow Elves member this time. Will the reappearance of the F2P scene have disappeared again? I don't think F2P will be completely dead b
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