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  1. Finnish Country Clan - #1 Man for Man - Wildmight.fi Planned a singlespells fight with our friends in PD. We hopped out of our comfort zone and fought in late gmt on singlespells which we usually don't do. Fight went pretty well, we were on top for the whole 45 mins except prolly like the last 5 mins when all our callers choked on bread and died or something. Anyways good fight. PM Jokuyurt#3988 for fights 8).
  2. Planned a 55def cap p2p cwa against our good dutchie friends. We had a decent pull of 37 people for cwa and a decent performance for our first p2p cwa since 2017. GF Vit was fun, hope to see more clans stepping up for P2P 55def cap in the future, pm Jokuyurt#3988 for fights. VIDEOS: Round 1 Ending WM: 25 VIT: 20 Started pretty badly but ended up finishing well. gf. Round 2 Ending WM: 25 VIT: 16 Had a mega start, was leading like 5-0 for a bit. Vitality got their war mood back at like 11-3 so it got more serious then. We had very good spearing
  3. #1 COUNTRY CLAN - WILDMIGHT.FI - JOKUYURT#3988 With the hangover from weekend finally gone we headed to Wilderness with few of our most feared med levels. Following our mantra of "every location-every timezone", we decided to leave no stone unturned and check every location for possible victims. This led us to fight a team with twice our numbers at single strip. After chancing them one too many times, they came up with excuses and ended their trip. After punishing them, we continued our trip and started raiding unsuspecting victims. Knowing our sharpshooters' quality and discipline we left o
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