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  1. Not enough people playing the game for another clan to re-open, and be relevant unless, it does like EOS and actually bring back a lot of people to the game. I could see maybe Fools doing that, but that is about it.
  2. Blast ever since it started being allowed, before that melee bind.
  3. So yesterday, we welcomed EOS back into runescape with a fun and very clean F2P Wilderness PKRI Wilderland Starting: 42 men Echo of Silence Starting: 45 men We clashed at RDG, and fought there for like 15-20 minutes without any interruption, after that ROT made their appearance , we moved the fight a bit North to let our good friends Rev, Tempest and DF to collect ROT's adamant sets. The fight continued the entire one hour cap with good transitions from our Dragon Commanders into the rainbow guys, meanwhile we were able to gain some men. After the time cap was
  4. Dude... at least have the decency of editing the topic...
  5. Good luck recruiting boys!
  6. Jagex definitely has no clue what they are doing.
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