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  1. Yeah, that exists, although I don't think it includes teams. I suggested that teams be added to it back when it was created and was told that this was osclans, not osteams >~> The topic in general is sloppy though. You can tell it was just slapped together mostly as it's basically just an alphabetical order of all clans without maybe splitting it off into different lists based on pures, mains, p2p, f2p and what not. Honestly, this place needs a lot. Having a link back policy like Zybez did might've helped out a bit, but I imagine the mods here were fearful of pushing clan ow
  2. I'm fucking dead. Who is this "general support" coming from exactly? Not even a chunk of the people on reddit liked the ideas Jagex presented. This single+ and pj timer bs isn't going to work. They've basically just handed the caves over to the gold farmers.
  3. Gratz, I couldn't make it but glad we took r3
  4. Gratz on the action, also actually like the bandit camp location
  5. Excellent action for both, gratz, also appreciate those matty b spams lmao
  6. Might wanna rewrite that into your topic man >~>
  7. Welcome back friends, good luck
  8. Gratz, looks like you might be decent in rsb fights
  9. Eh, I mean, not in the "you are bad way" obviously. Tempest and Dynasty are in different leagues at least in F2P. This was like a full grown adult smacking the hell out of a child. There's no class in it. I get there's beef, but unless they want to show up to your events and actually act on it, I don't think there's any reason for you, the bigger clan to steamroll them like this and then post a topic gloating about it. They are not your competition, so don't make it look as if they are who you like to compete with.
  10. Kinda of embarrassing for both clans honestly. Dynasty are literally at the bottom of the clan rankings with a huge gap between them and their nearest competition(probably Evil Army 🙄). They're not worth any decent clan's time.
  11. Thanks for the battle Bandit friends
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