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  1. Original Topic: https://tempest-rs.net/topic/1407-tempest-vs-the-rising-sunday-showdown/ The only clan to have TWO #sports channels Ben from The Rising and I came to terms for a few day prep PKRI. Knowing TR are one of the better F2P clans, we made sure to take our preparation seriously. Game day rolled around and we massed up 50 strong Tempest men and women, hyped with lots of pre-fight spams and MILAD screaming nonsense on TS. Anyways, the fight started with TR being a little tarty, but we dropped around 10 to ensure a good fight for both sides. The fight st
  2. Original Topic: https://tempest-rs.net/topic/1310-tempest-vs-unk/ Reached out to our friends UNK for a p2p battle, Started the battle off 15v15 and we caught a few barrage piles right away. Sick transitioning from our captain Tika191 and beautiful spears from our rangers secured us to have more in game then them. After fighting for 30 minutes we took fall ins and compared opts. Overall was clean thanks for the battle!
  3. Thanks for the fight WL! Was very fun, you guys had strong start.
  4. Nice pull, hope we can fight soon.
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