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  1. Was fun. Respect to El Imperio for a clean fight. Looking forward to more in the future.
  2. *yawn* free loot. Was fun clearing rev caves.
  3. We weren't even out you clown. You believe your own clan's lies. That's how brainwashed they got all of ya'll.
  4. Fake news. Me and Bles(Veto) were there observing. We tanked ya'll easily and you never killed anyone who was in Dynasty. You posted screenshots of us tanking you without breaking a sweat. Show a kill pic with our names.
  5. Oh my bad, thought this came right out of your mouth. "Dynasty is quickly becoming like chernobyl. Sealing all the fucking nutters in one dogshit clan lmao. " Thanks, even though it wasn't genuine.
  6. Someones a lil jelly that Dynasty pulled 26 so your only conclusion is "randoms." Get out of here with that man. We have nothing to hide. It's just a matter of protecting our members. Think what you want. Anyone with a half brain and not in Tempest has told me that post was unprofessional. It's a given that you have something against us. You can't even say good job like you do to all other clans who post on your forum. Instead you like to nit-pick everything we do.
  7. Despite the 1 hour delay, it was fun practice EA.
  8. How is it sus? If you have nothing nice to say then don't say it at all. Just say grats and move on. I expected more professionalism from an unbiased admin trying to promote a healthy osrs clan community forum.
  9. Wow that's a lot of action Zenith. You've been killin' it out there. Keep up the dominating performance!
  10. Cool 0 man trip. Learn to read troll.
  11. Was fun. Too bad most clans were hiding in CWA on a Saturday. Proud of our numbers though!
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