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  1. no admins online for 48+ hours, these forums died before anyone knew about them lol, back 2 sb

  2. Status updates either on by default or completely disabled on the website Reputation either completely disabled or made more prominent, above signatures. It shouldnt be effort to find or like someone's post. Disable signatures, dead content should be left in the 2000s, everyone either has cringe awards or some sort of advertisement in their signature.
  3. Let there be negative rep but dont make it cumulate anywhere on a users profile. Individual posts can get negged but it wont carry over anywhere
  4. until
    rip almost made it to a quarter of a year
  5. websites run by serial do-nothing gamers who miss relevancy/importance that was given to them for typing with correct punctuation when we were 10. they have no innovative ideas and basically thought hosting it would be enough to bring traffic to the website. I'd be surprised if a single viewer of this website does not also view sharkbrew the same day, as well as twitter etc. Clearly that's not reciprocated, why would any clan care about these forums, what are the admins doing to change that? Nothing. I mean, why do I have to verify an email to sign up here? This is run by the same pe
  6. ur not wrong ur just arguing against people who chose their preferred layout
  7. the gravestones being a little timer showing ur taking pics every 7 seconds lol
  8. If you didnt see them how did they see you to "actively avoid"
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