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  1. Tempest vs Ancient Fury Ancient Fury asked for a Tuesday tussle and we agreed to duke it out at the Dark Knights Fortress. Knowing that AF pull big numbers, we prepped hard. We managed to mass up over 50 strong Tempest seamen and set out for the statue of Ghjjf that Jagex as erected near Ferox. AF Starting -- 60 The battle commenced and right from the off the spams were high and with both clans having great KO power. With some quick transitions from David and Gochance as well as some big piles by Dickus and Pete Noob, Tempest sur
  2. Nice to see EOS back but good job WL!
  3. Looked like some entertaining action, congrats.
  4. Tempest vs Wilderland This was a great day for Tempest, because the F2P wilderness for the main scene was as busy as we've seen it in years... We watched a clean fight between Wild Might and Vitality earlier in the afternoon. We had our own fight with Wilderland. Many clans offered to come up and AC for us, eager for F2P action. This renaissance of the F2P wild is upon us. And Tempest is at the head of the charge. With some of our finest warriors prepped and ready for battle, we met WL at west tree. We clashed and the fight began in true nostalgic form. With great tanking a
  5. Was lagging so joined the AC halfway through but happy for clean action.
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