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  1. -Vs- Middle of the week Revolt pmed me asking for a fight today (sat). Knowing they have been improving alot and it was going to be a hard fight, we gladly accepted! Round 1: SA Won (24-16) R2: Revolt Won (25-22/23) No Pic. R3: Sa Won (25-24) Thanks for the fight Revolt! Gj all SA members who attended it! Shoutout to Pengy for the great calling today!
  2. -Vs- ~ Tournament Rules ~ R1: Wilderland won R2: SA won (10-0) R3: SA Won (10-0) Thanks for the fight Wilderland! Gj all SA members who attended it! Keep it up b0ys!
  3. #1 Brazilian/Portuguese Country Clan of ALL TIME Discord: https://discord.gg/9TEQcfa 'Arroz cc' clan chat Hello gamers, after several attempts, Elrond managed to get a fight in our wild against VR, which is a p2p clan. In my point of view, at the beginning of the fight, VR had a better performance than us for the simple reason that they had 28 ingame while we only had 24 lol. After about 10 minutes of fighting ~ we managed to gain to 29 ingame (reaching 32 in the discord). And to be very honest with y'all, we really demonstrated our quality after we gained more numbers, transiti
  4. Yayy! Fucking nice action, thanks for the fight Tempest and thanks to the boys who attended ! SA PRIDE
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