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  1. We wanted a challenge this weekend after a great win streak lately so we approached WL. Both sides had decent enough pulls with us pulling around 35 and Wl around 31. Round 1 was quite controversial ending 25-24 to WL but involved a portal leave so we decided to 'void' this round. This has a huge effect on our performance and we picked it up 5 levels and cruised the next rounds. Our Teamspeak dropped for about 2 minutes during the fight but we somehow managed to maintain ingame piles. Round 1 Ending: Round 2 Ending:
  2. Thanks for the close action Arroz.
  3. Well done @Aya513and crew
  4. Stop mass pming people to join your discord and this wouldn't of even happened?
  5. We heard about some F2P Action going down so we quickly massed. Sadly by time we had gotten in game it seemed to have ended so we pmed asking around for a quick CWA. Tempest accepted the offer and we did 2 rounds of 31v31 action. Once again we took home the victory thanks for the action pals.
  6. We're already spamming these forums with daily wins. Relax
  7. At around 4:20PM EST I pmed True 2k8 and we arranged a quick prep wilderness battle. Both sides prepped for around 20 minutes and we clashed at gap. We quickly gained to over 30 on TS and had some men cut in order to keep the action enjoyable for both sides. After around 40 minutes of clean action we had gained to 34 on Teamspeak. Tempest had gained to around 25 and the fight was fun and competitive. Last 20 minutes or so we pushed hard but tempest withheld and continued to put up a solid fight. After 1 hour we compared endings and walked down. Thanks for the action Tempest hope we can do it a
  8. Big tanks from the boy. Thanks for the action Bandits
  9. Thanks for the action ZU. You've been improving no doubt
  10. Going hard on the 20v20 Ko's i see. Grats boys
  11. Just reminding everybody of this fine event. Since people seem to have forgotten!
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