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  1. If I wanted to watch it in that context I'd full screen it.
  2. I think the second one is way too big personally, looks awful. We can definitely up the size a bit though. @Pengy @Dickusthoughts?
  3. I was really concerned for one of our callers. Sounded like his throat gave out lmao.
  4. No. An entire 3rd world country is broken. The caves functioned fine, they just needed to stop the gold farming aspect of it. Making it singles doesn't accomplish that.
  5. Rev caves are going to be single only with all the revs spread around the cave. Great job Jagex.
  6. Haven't died once and it turns out I had 500 kills, miscounted sorry.
  7. Never told a single lie in my life btw. This is photoshopped.
  8. I think this was the best fight we've had since opening, gf WL.
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